6 Cameroonian Musicians who’ve Ventured Into Acting

Thousands of entertainer around the world are diversified in terms of working hard on their craft a and and are not dependent on one domain in the entertainment scene.We have seen top musicians,sportmens,actors,comedians going into singing, and vice versa.

We have seen world entertainers like Michael Jackson,Chris Brown,Tyrese,David beckham,ice cube,xhibit,50 Cent, etc have made huge finance and impact through acting which pave the way for African entertainments to rise .

Many Veterans Nigerians musicians like 2 face,Mr P(Perpsquare),Phyno,Davido,Flavour have picked up a role in many movies like Professor Johnbull,Lion Heart, etc which have paved the way for cameroon entertainmnent industry to emulate,increase and broaden fan based with dominance in the world market.

With ever blazing Movie industry which has gain so much prominence and spotlights with producers and actors working tirelessly to make a name for themselves and the country proud,alot of top notch movies that have annouced cameroon movie industry like the great Obligation,Broken,A Man For The Weekend,The FishersMan Diary,My Image,back To Kinship Against The Wind etc which have stipulates our musicians like Daphne,Stanley Enow,TayC,Mimie,Nabila,,Nabil Fongod to pick up a role in movies.



The cameroon music diva daphne rose to fame five years ago with spotlight tracks like rastafaria,Ndolo,Promme moi ,calee etc.With all these visibility,she have gain to much love and fans from the streets in which producers wil rush her for a roles as a means of commercial purpose and exposures..Dapne make a debut into acting in the movie the ” THE FISHER’S MAN DIARY”.This movie is arguably the first and eye opening movie that made movie makers to wake up in their sleep and chase the bag.Kang Quintus who happened to be the pioneer and producers of this great movie saw the need to work with big names like Daphne and Ramsey Noah.

The movie also starred acotrs and actresses like Faith Fidel,Ndamo Damarise,Cosson Chinepoh,Onyama Laura,Neba Godwill.The movie was succeded to win 66 awards and was shortlisted on the prestigeus oscar awards which made it eligible to be accepted by Netflix which is the first cameroon movie to do so.




Stanley enow remains one of Cameroon musician who have worked extra heart to make a name for himself and stamped cameroon on the map in the world entertainment .Through him alot of collaborations among showbiz gurus in africa have worked with him and others.He is the first Cameroon urban artist to collaborate and network with africa and world superstars like Nyanda of brick N LACE,nigeria music legend 2 face idibia,olamide,Davido,ice prince etc

also working with ghanaian hiphop. giant sarkodie,Congolese star fally ipupa and tanzanian superstar diamond platinum etc. Stanley kick off with acting in the movie ”BACK TO KINSHIP” featuring Nigeiran actor Joseph Benjamin and Cameroon Nigeria based female actress Okawa shaznay which was launched on the 15 October 2021 and all streaming platforms like netflix,youtube etc.




Julien Bouadjie aka TAYC is a cameroonian- french muiscian based in france.Tayc has been on the grind with so much studio works close to a decade ago releasing top notch’s and album like Nyxia with tracks like ”Oh Cameroon” ft Late Manu Dibango until finally having a hit track ”N’y Pense Plus”gaining fan based around the globe

While anticipating his latest album,He was featured and given a role in the upcoming Christian Serie movie titled ”CHRISTMAS FLOW”It is the first outing as an actor for the talented singer.The movie will premier on november 17 2021 and its festive season.




Alot of movie roles is given lately by producers to artist with alot of potentials and exposure and its good for business purposes and dynamic talented singer MIMIE is not left out.She is among the few female artist in the industry who remain loyal despie her exposure and talent.Mimie has done well for her self in the music industry with alot of collaboration with aritst like KO-C,magasco,locko,GABONESE SHAN’L.

The hit song that made fans to dance was ”TEN TEN” and ”FIRE FIRE” ft Locko since then she have released alot of other good songs.one thing that is good aboput mimie is that,she always carry her bamileke culture along through her lyrics, dressing that made her unique and a force to reckoned with . Her first movie outing come in with the movie ” AGAINTS THE WIND” which was shot in limbe starring Nollywood icon and legend Kanayo O Okanayo,Moustik Karismatique,pascal Moma Gami,Yimbu Emmanuel etc.This movie will be release in the months ahead.




Nabila rodriguez is a Cameroonian who was born in the year 1996 in bamenda with the father coming from morrocan nationality and a cameroon mother fatima rodriguez.Nabila developed the urge to sing in her early years as she will urge her parents to allow her participates in shows and competitons that will let her expose her talents.
Throughout her career as an artist,she has collaborated with edi ledrae,tzy panchak on ”TRUMPE” and minks.the song which made her famous is ‘‘Ca Va Allez” which is still hitting the airwaves till date after releasing her first EP ”MY UNIVERSE”.

She always has this acting skills as she grows and demonstrates it as she acted as video vixens WITH many upcoming artist videos and brands like Source Du Pays,lana del cosmetics etc.Last year she was called up by the manager of blu rain entertainment Syndy Emade for a role in the movie ”BROKEN”starring syndey emade,Ghanaian actor john dumelo,Nchifor valery,and Prince Ojay.




We can’t completely round up this article without applauding Nabil Fongod aka Nabtar.Nabter started as a rapper after featuring on so many artist video as a vixens.He later travel to germany for greener pasture where we spend some few years and later return with some funds and capital to startup a show in sweet fm douala called ‘‘THE NABSTAR SHOW”.

The show has succeded in grooming and showcasing both upcoming and established artist both home and abroad like Locko,Salatiel,Stanley Enow,Naira Marley etc.He has featured in so many movies but the most intriguing one is ‘‘MY IMAGE ” which was released two years ago directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens and Nkanya Nkwai.

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