All You Need To Know About Rapper Young Jerry/Bio &Career

Atemnkeng Jerry M, AKA Young Jerry was born on Saturday, January 20, 1990, o to the Mbeven Family in Cameroon, Kumba. He grew up in Fiango, a renowned neighborhood in the city.

Jerry was solely raised by his mother Akamin Beatrice M. whom we have all come to notice the love the share in most of his masterpieces. Akamin Beatrice was a popular seamstress at least to most middle age ladies for her unique tailoring and fashion design skills which the artist picked up most of these skills while helping her on her day to day career.

He attended class one through class three in Fontem, while attending Catholic school Buh-Lekh and after losing his Grandmother he left Fontem and went back to the city of Kumba where he continued and completed his primary education in Fence School Kosala – a Catholic school. He continued his secondary school in the same city attending CCCHS, Cameroon College of Commerce High School. After obtaining his Ordinary level certificate he left the school to attend CCAS Kumba, Cameroon College of Arts and Science where he failed and was asked to repeat lower six but hesitated and when ahead to take the Advanced Level Exams while attending his previous school CCCHS Kumba.

Young Jerry

He did have such a remarkable result we guess that boosted his confidence so much so that his missing out of Studies while studying Microbiology in the University of Buea, had him failing many courses and taking almost all available examination resits, available extra credits and an extra year in the university to get his BSc.

Young Jerry Started his Music Career quite early in those days of walkman were he use to record his study note and replay them for the purpose of learning. His learning routine was to record a full page of note after listening to it for over 3 times he will then take out the cassette and then listen to music either from the radio station if there was an ongoing hip hop music or from his “self-re-recorded” hip-hop songs on tape. 
Quality music was hard to get as one would need to pay at-the-time big some of money to let the dj record a mixtape or an album of quality music in the “discotech studio” as such when he grabbed a rap mix of American rape artists like 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Snoop and Papoose he couldn’t let go the feeling that he needed to become a rapper but with the lack of music schools and the taboo circled amongst music artists he had to choose to study science in school.
Literature in secondary school was great…I understood, enjoyed and love the chills when reading poetry, taking notes of the figure of speech, the rhyme, the wordplay…I knew exactly what i had to be doing at my pleasure time – Young Jerry said
In the early days of his music career his music weren’t as original as one can easily figure with his accent and lyrics today, this was because he was in love with American rappers and wanted to sound like them in his music. good thing he found his style early and today as we all know he is the master of his arts.


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