American rapper and business mogul 50 CENT Reposted Cameroon Comic rapper Show Yoh

Few hours ago,American rapper and business mogul 50 CENT shared a photo of Cameroon  comic rapper show Yoh who tattooed him on his back and tagged him on Instagram.

Since the American new yorker who idolized 50 and sees him as his mentor has make every effort for the popular rapper to notice him but his efforts where futile until today when he posted the tattooed photo on his Instagram and tagged 50 CENT on this caption

“Celebrate your role models and show them true love so that you too can be celebrated in the future”.

This took 50 CENT by surprised as he quickly reacted by posting it on his official Instagram account his   comic reaction

“WTF boy you ho do?i need the best potrate tattoo artist to fix this”

In which he immediately tagged show yoh but promised to get a professional tattoo artist to redo it for it doesn’t not completely brings out the image of 50.

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