Champion Sound and Lionn productions are pleased to announce the release of Gomez Oba’s debut EP titled ‘UltraVision’
is a combination of mellifluous & melodious tunes curated by Gomez Oba.
Consisting of songs broken down to two separate volumes – 1 and 2, Vol -1 (8 songs) vol- 2 (4 songs) coming after . Gomez Oba intends to make you groove and be on your feet while absorbing his lyrical, technical and melodious prowess through his smooth and very present vocal.
Hailing from the south west of cameroon and ogun state of Nigeria, Gomez with his 4 years in the musical scene has fine tuned and carved a niche for himself which he terms “GokomaVibe”, a combination of sonical-melange of Afro Beat, Makossa, RNB and Dance Hall. UltraSound is also a combination of Gomez Oba experiences and influences. Ultra Vision is peep through Gomez oba lenses on how he sees and perceives sound.
UltraVision has heavy weight producers such as PhillBill beats, Looney Tunes, Dijay Karl, Sango Edi, Akwandor, Ray Jay Mix and Tony Eff as engines behind this musical train.
we want to thank Everyone who worked on this project and most importantly to his CHAMPIONS (his Fans) who are currently anticipating and always there for supporting and growth with the OBA …
And not forgetting the Media ,Dj’s , show promoters etc ULTRA VISION Drops on all digital platforms on July the 14th 2021
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YouTube : Gomez Oba
Instagram: gomezoba1
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Facebook: GOMEZ 237
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