[BIO & INTERVIEW]-Meet Actor & Movie Production Manager With Class Azuhni Elvis Aka (Crusader).


Today on @dailykamer we bring to you amazing and talented actor and movie producer named Azuhni Elvis, popularly known as Crusader, a 35 years old Cameroonian from Bambui where he had his O/L in starlight college Nkwen and A/L in CCAST bambili, BSc in management in 2009 from UB, and a professional diploma from UBa in 2016.We take a look at the legendary shots and scenes produced by the past years and will be needing an applaud and he is becoming an undeniable force in the Cameroon movie industry.

Behind The Scene(When The Levees Broke).


Talking on achievements, its visible on a couple of great movies which he produced and feature as an actor below-

Production Management credits; 

– Nganú directed by Kang Quintus

– When the Levees Broke directed by Musing Derick

– The Untold African Story Directed by Anurin Nwunembom

– Genesis of Ko-c Directed kang Quintus

– Full Moon directed by Chefor Leslie

– Hand Job directed by Achiri Victor

-Trip to papa directed by chefor Leslie 

Behind The Scene of Nganu

Acting credits 

– Nganú directed by Kang Quintus

-Genesis of KO-c Directed by kang Quintus

– Full moon directed by Chefor Leslie

-Hand job directed by Achiri victor

-Trip to papa directed by chefor leslie

Career(as a Movie Producer and actor )

A Movie Production Manager and an actor

Mentor/Role Model

His mentors are- 

– Tebo Njei (JD) 

– Musing Derick

– Kang Quintus

– Takong Delvis

Acting and Production Professionally.

He joint the industry as an actor in 2007 and later diversified to production management thanks to his educational background in 2015 as he always knows how to deal with Setbacks as setbacks are bound to occur in building process.  Apart from acting and producing, he is a certified teacher and also investing in agriculture with looking forward to expanding more into. 

Behind The Scene Of Nganu

 Rate the Cameroon Movie Industry

With so much experience derived in the movie industry, according to him the movie industry is on a steady rise and can be rated at an average yearly rise of 3.5%

Behind The Scene(When The Levees Broke).


working to become the biggest and most consistent movie producers of all time. Watch out for my next movie titled HAND JOB

Social media handles 

Facebook: @AzuhniElvis

Twitter: @ClePictures

Instagram: @azuhni_elvis

Email: azuhnielvis@gmail.com

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