BIO & PROFILING || All You Need To Know About ”KWATA MUSIC”Queen MARNICK.

Life can be so pleasing when you remained committed in chasing your life goals and objectives.Kwata music has been a forced to the industry since Rapper Mic monsta decides to have his own imprint label.For a label to be successful and profitable there must be a team to work hard together to achieve the desirable goals especially signing of Dready christ and recently signed female act Called Marnick.

Kwata music saw the need to spice it up with a female artists and singer since it was dominated by male artists.
Since Marnick joined this Promising label,things have went from thin to thick as the song that made her popular is “Days Like This”.featuring Torch City and Mic Monsta.Marnick which full names are Dione Marbel Epie Ewane was born on the 20th of May 1997 in South west region precisely kumba.

She derived that urge for singing in the year 2016 as she began with studio back ups  as a singer and proceedings in recording mashups of her favorite songs from popular musicians.Her first single Pajero was released in 2019.That same year she was selected as one of the rising artists to feature on Tzy Panchak Put Your Hands On We“Original song after participating in the challenge.She began under Kwata music INC artists development program by Mic Monsta since late 2020 recording songs and finding her voice with kingunz as her producer.

Marnick is making a reintroduction into the music industry scene with a new sound energy which best describes her as THE FUTURE. Her comeback can be felt on the hook of days like this song by Mic Monsta that features her and label mates Dready christ and Torch City.Her first EP “FRESH MUTUMBU”.has been released and its making waves across the country.

In terms of Music influence,her music always comes with a mood,especially her smooth vocal delivery that takes you on a journey in thoughts as you can’t help but connect to the stories in her reality and universe.
As she continues to dominate the industry,some of the artists that inspires her include Blanche Bailly,Rihanna,Tems,Shaybo,Magasco,Shenseea,Mic Monsta,Mimie and Cynthia Morgan.

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