[BIO & PROFILING]-All You Need To Know About Media Personality and Founder Of BetaTinz,Clarisse Ndinge

Clarisse Ndinge is a woman who successfully wears many hats. After graduating with a BSc in Petroleum Engineering, lack of job opportunities in Cameroon motivated her to explore her other abilities, and that is how she delved in Entrepreneurship.She is the founder of Beta Media, a West Africa Innovation Award Winning Public Relations Agency, which also does event management.In 2018, Clarisse Ndinge received the Best Public Relations Officer award during the Bonteh Digital Media Awards.

She is also a blogger and the founder of betatinz. Beta Tinz is one of Cameroon’s most influential infotainment blogs. The blog has six wings which function under her company Beta Tinz Limited. 

They are:

1-A website(betatinz.com) which is updated with daily news from Cameroon and the world. 

2-An Instagram page(instagram.com/betatinz) which Clarisse single-handedly 

updates daily with news, relevant information and entertainment from Cameroon, in pidgin English. The authenticity and originality of her prowess and fluency in writing in pidgin English has made the platform the most influential infotainment platform in the English speak part of the country. 

3-A Facebook page(Facebook.com/betatinz) which is updated with daily news from Cameroon and the world. 

4-A Twitter page(twitter.com/beta_tinz) which is updated with daily news from Cameroon and the world. 

5-A Tik Tok page(@betatinz) which updated with daily news from Cameroon and the world. 

6-An online shop called Beta Merch: www.betamerch237.com which sells items inspired by the blog: BetaTinz. 

In 2019 Clarisse received another BDMA Award, as her blog, BETATINZ, was crowned ‘Best News Website in 2019.’In 2016, Clarisse founded Beta Girls Organization. A non-profit organization for girls to inspire other girls online, via social media, and offline, through events dubbed ‘Beta Girls Talk Events.’ Check out the activities of the NGO on its website: www.betagirls.org

In 2018, Clarisse received a Digital Citizenship Award for the positive impact that Beta Girls Organization has had in her community.In 2019, Clarisse launched her own TV Show, Beta Torpoh. Beta Torpoh is a Talk show hosted by Clarisse Ndinge, where interviews are done with relevant personalities in Cameroonian pidgin! 

Beta Torpoh airs on My Media Movies TV:

Saturdays 12:00 PM

Sundays 12:00 AM

Mondays 04:00 PM

Thursdays 12:00 PM

Fridays 09:05 AM

And on STV:

Wednesday 5pm

Sunday 3:30pm

Youtube: Fridays at 7pm


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