[BIO & PROFILING]-Blanche Bailly Incredible Sense Of Stardom Is Worth Emulating In Term Of Music,Lifestyle,Fashion Business etc.

Larinette Tatah Bailly, best known by her pseudo Blanche Bailly was born on the 8th of August 1995. Blanche Bailly is a Cameroonian singer/songwriter with heavy prospects for continental and inter-
national success. In 2015, after completing her studies in France, she moved to London, where her musical journey began. This transition became the genesis of one of Africa’s most promising stars. It was quite clear that Blanche Bailly was to be a bright light from her early days. Before relocating to London, she started off as a cover artist. She would write her own lyrics to popular songs, sometimes eclipsing the actual song-owner.

In London, she met a friend who happened to be a rapper. This friend would become the channel through which her career took off. When asked about what made her stand out from the onset, Blanche states,

My popularity came from my physique, to be quite honest. The way I looked and carried myself at the time, was new around. Given that most women in the Cameroonian entertainment industry weren’t too confidentand used to appearing sexy publicly…


Blanche Bailly believes whole heartedly in the importance of staying true to your beliefs. She enjoys singing about her personal experiences and connecting with her fans through relatable music. Bailly focuses on the independence of women, and the importance of self acceptance. Coined with the nickname “Queen Mimba”, Bailly encourages her fans (known as Mimba Gang),to be unapologetic about who they are. She is bent on making it clear that confidence is one of her special weapon.She is also very keen on proving the point that she isn’t riding on any privileges. She is confidently and intentionally building a bankable brand that will break records and top charts. She explains, saying

“My brand is confidence. My brand is hard work, and my brand is consistency. I want my fans to look at me and say that Blanche Bailly is comfortable in her skin, she works hard as a musician and entrepreneur, and she consistently brings her A game in this industry.”


Artists are role models and should definitely be a source of motivation to many people. But, though artists have to motivate the mass, they as well need the same motivation to carry on. She admires Rihanna and always says she is her source of inspiration. She says “Rihanna is my role model because I like the fact that she is authentic, and has created very lucrative brands for herself…” For Blanche, the billionaire businesswoman, is a great example of what to aspire in a career that surpasses just music. But like a lot of other people, Beyoncé is the ultimate icon when it comes to music.

“Beyoncé is my ultimate idol as a musician. Her work ethic, delivery, and her overall fierce character is something that thrills and empowers me.”


Blanche Bailly identifies herself as an Afro-pop artiste, and believes that through music, she can communicate emotions or certain situations she goes through or has gone through. She believes her music style is tailor-made to reach a wider audience because it infuses French, pidgin and local vernacular. She states,

“My sound is special because I can sing in different languages while still creating a song that people can enjoy. I can sing on any kind of beat whether Reggae, Afrobeat, Zouk, or even local beats, and still create a hit song.”

Her versatility is also a strong factor in her style, as she describes herself as sexy, bold, and most importantly, comfortable. So far, Blanche Bailly has covered many territories and with her perfect A&R knowledge, she knows just who to collaborate with ( as can be confirmed on her most recent release with Joeboy).

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