[BIO & PROFILING]-CAMEROON-US BASED Chef Bianka Mbeng Is hoping To Shine At Favourite Chef Award.

Bianka Mbeng is a Cameroonian chef who is currently competing in the Favorite Chef contest that features several aspiring chefs who compete for a chance to win $25,000, the title of Favorite Chef and more. She is one of the favorites to win the competition, and she has been praised by judges for her creativity and her ability to showcase African cuisine. Chef Bianka is a popular contestant for this prestigious crown. She has garnered ground-breaking support from Africans both at home and abroad and will be needing more to stay untop of the game so as to immerge winner.

Mbeng Bianka grew up in Cameroon, and she learned to cook from her mother. She moved to the United States to attend college, and gained a solid professional and academic background in culinary. She has solid experience in cooking and catering and is a proud owner of a world standard restaurant, Pleroma Cuisine, in Laurel, Maryland.

She is passionate about using her platform to promote African cuisine. She believes that African food is often overlooked, and it is one of her life long dreams to change that narrative. She therefore saw the Favorite Chef competition as a perfect opportunity. She hopes to get the Favorite Chef medal so that she can use the prize money to propagate philanthropic gestures and to carry out development projects back home. This is not all about herself and this is exactly why she has gained so much support and admiration. This is easy to explain why she currently sits at the chimney of the competition as votes are being casted for the contestants.

Gone are the days where one needed a blackboard, chalk, ruler and a whip to identify him or herself as a teacher. The world has evolved and as days go by, humans develope and embrace a diverse techniques of communicating their thoughts, passions, ambitions and desires with others. Chef Mbeng Bianka, who developed passion for cooking at a very tender age, saw this universal activity as a means to spray the beautiful aroma of the African identity in the world.

If you are just finding out, voting for the Favorite Chef contest is currently underway. You can vote for Mbeng Bianka by visiting the Favorite Chef website through the link https://favchef.com/2023/biankambeng. Voting does not require any voter’s card, is easy to carry out and ends on June 22, 2023.

The menu at Pleroma Cuisine features dishes from countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Ethiopia, Congo, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and more. There are also a variety of vegetarian and vegan options available. She is expert at preparing dishes like fried rice, “achu”, “fufu”, countless vegetables, “ekwang“, “pepper soup” and diverse meat sauces and stew, beans, fish, barbecue and many more.

To her, it is child’s play cooking many foods eaten across Africa and served in most restaurants in several countries across the world. She believes food is a universal love language and this is shown by the hospital nature of most Africans. Even if you don’t find money in a typical African home, there is hardly no way you will fail to find food. She is not just good at manufacturing African fragrances, she can equally stand up to the task of putting recipes from other continents together.

Mbeng Bianka is a talented chef who is passionate about African cuisine. Her hands are gifted with an amazing guile of African dishes. She is a world standard chef who boasts of her ability to cook up over 30 unique African recipes and a bigger number of dishes from other countries. Despite this, she keeps refining her expertise to know more. It is therefore friendly to say that the Pleroma Cuisine CEO preaches Africanism and the strength of peace and harmony from the kitchen. Her voice is getting louder and before we know, she’ll be colonizing the entire world with the African identity from the fire side. She is passionate about African cuisine and that is why she created a restaurant that would showcase the diversity of the continent’s food. She is a best choice for the Favorite Chef title, and has the potential to change the way that people think about African food. Join others give her that possibility by voting through the link https://favchef.com/2023/biankambeng

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