On our today episode of profiling and bio,we took the advantage to interview one of biggy237 housemate Azeeh Nel Okoye in which she narrates her experience in the masion,changes of life as biggy has given her alot of exposure with huge platforms and networking which ushers her into the industry.Azeeh Nel is From a family of five(5) Two Boys Three Girls She’s the last Born. Her Mother been a Midwife and her Father a Business Man,she have succeeded in emulating her father as she is striving to dominate the business worlds through her zeal to become one of africa top actress,model and business woman.

Azeeh Nel’s Okoye

With azeeh Nel having a good year already,dailykamer caught up with the diva as she dishes and unveil alot about her and career through some questionaires below!

Dailykamer- What are your Achievements?

Azeeh Nel’s Reply-Well Achievement as a Brand influencer it makes me to discover many things which has been a Advantage to my learning skills my face has been on billboards gotten confirmation on deals that pays and also help to reach and teach people out there.

Dailykamer-What are your Academic qualifications?

Azeeh Nel’s Reply– I have HND in pharmacology Aand also into Showbiz as a Video Vixen/Actress who have Acted 4movies and Vixen in 28 Video Clips.

Dailykamer-Who are Your Mentors ?

Azeeh Nel’s Reply -My Mentor I think I have Four Educated and Vibrant mentors like Penjo baba because this short while I have really learnt a lot from him And Jeffery Ewusi his a supper Mentor,Lynno lovert also been there very supportive in his Advice and lastly my parents who are there right from childhood.When we talk about Role Model I see just Amber Rose. she’s that one person I Admire so much and that’s my Role model.

Azeeh Nel’s Okoye

Dailykamer-What Are Your Hobbies?

Azeeh Nel reply -Well I like Swimming, Eating, Reading Watching Cartoons and Sleeping I hate Noise. In terms of Status well am a Student and i went back to school to do my master’s in pharmacology.

Dailykamer -What Are Your Setbacks ?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-With Setbacks I just laugh and distract myself by being around friends for some time then go to a quieter place be there alone and think on how to start back and in a better way while handing it over to God.

Dailykamer-What If Showbiz No For Helep?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-Without or with Showbiz I will still be that cute little looking Doctor having her own Clinic or Pharmacy.

Dailykamer-What Are Your Experienced and setbacks You Encountered During Your Stay In The Biggy237 Mansion?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-Well Experience a lot in the Biggy Studios Mansion I get to know other Characters I learned a lot on how people behave and I also learned on how to manage people and food.

Azeeh Nels & Singer Fhish In Biggy237 Mansion 2021

Dailykamer-Who Are You Crushing On?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-Who I my Crushing on like seriously, well not yet no crush for now.

Dailykamer-Can You Rate The Cameroon Entertainment Industry?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-Cameroon industry if am to rate it , I will give 70%. They are really improving just that they lack Unity and also not really supportive.

Dailykamer-What Are Your Prospects?

Azeeh Nel’s reply-Prospects just like Expectations I am Expecting just Success because I am going to Brand myself more and I have set a goal out there I need to Archieve them. That’s to build the Azeeh Smile Foundation Reaching out to the poor the less and those who can’t afford their medications.


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