[BIO & PROFILING]-”Kameni ”From The (Trenches)Ghetto To The World.


Kameni is a Cameroonian artist born on March 9th 1993 in a small ghetto in the town of limbe(bonadikombo)to a Christian family of five.Father a peasant plantation farmer and mother a petit trader.Kameni attended things nursery and primary school in bonadikombo where she attained her common entrance certificate.she attended the government bilingual high school(GBHS) limbe where she attained her ordinary level certificate(“O”LEVELS)in 2009 and advanced levels(A LEVELS)Certificate in 2012.In 2014 ,she attained a higher national Diploma (HND)in marketing at the higher institute of management studies(HIM)Buea.In the year 2015,she got her first degree in marketing in HIMS buea.


Kameni grew up developing the love for music as she would watch her dad play instruments and sing at home and in cabarets.In 2019 she began doing covers and mashups of other people’s songs which made her popular and brought her out to the lamb light.In 2019,kameni got signed to lionn production and released her first single BOSS which became a hit and made her more popular.Another hit single released after BOSS titled “NAYO NAYO“and there after another tilt led to GHETTO.

In 2020,kameni released her first semi album Titled “LOVE AND HUSLEwhich consisted of six songs with titles Ghetto,announcement,Tombe,Sweet Mama,Merci and Touch me.She later released two other singles by the end of 2020 with titles BOLO and THEM.

In January 2022,kameni started her own journey as her contract with lionn production came to an end.Kameni later released her first single a few months after she left the label titled”JITO”and later released another song a few months after Jito “PAPI”.


Kameni is single.She loves watching movies,making music and love adventure.


-AMIN ft Tzy Panchak and Stanley Enow
-SISIAH Ft Minks
-MAN NO DIE Ft Cleo Grae.
-BE PROUD Ft magasco,gasha,Mr leo,Awu, and vernyuy Tina
-LOVER Ft Mr Leo and Gomez Oba
-ZERO CORONA Ft Mr Leo,Salatiel,Daphne,Gomez Oba(Collectif Africa)
-ONE LOVE Ft Asaba


-Best Female Revelation artist of the Year 2019 at the Balafon awards.
-Best Female artist of the Year 2020 at the balafons Awards
-Best Female urban artist 2020 at the best talent Cameroon Awards.
-Best Female artist 2021 at the Cameroon music evolution awards
-Best Female artist 2021 at the African awards of Washington
-Best Female artist 2021 at the Muzikol


Best stage female performance,

Best female artist
Best reggae dancehall female artist.

Best female urban

Also the ghetto queen recently launched her own record label RUDE GYAL nations which she has drop first single under her own canopy ”BACK TO SENDER” .

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