[BIO & PROFILING]-Meet Young Afro Beat Kid Ibrahim Zamani Making The Difference.


born and raise in kumba with only 19 years old,He is already making a difference in the afro beat genre.He goes by the names Motange Ibrahim Ngoeri aka Zamani who does music for passion with the hope to dominate the world.with the aim to to achieve many things like becoming the best musician in Africa and must continue to work hard for it .He was a student in G.T.H.S Kang Barombi kumba from form 1 till 5 till he obtained his ordinary level.


kicking off with music professionally in the year 2014 with numerous releases and freestyle, He won the hearts of both old and young with his craft. He is also an actor which also act as an extra advantage in his promising career as an entertainer.

Talking of role model and mentor,his mentor or role model is cleo grae though he can rap that unique pidgin slangs like gim but hope to emulate him one day.He is the type of young man which everyone will love him beceause he does not fake,too real.Well he don’t have any status in life because he is working hard for it. He is very excited at the prospect of being a singer in Cameroon .

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