[BIO & PROFILING]Discover A Prominent Film/Actor Maker Michael Maboh AKA Scofield Mich

Scofield as commonly called in the industry born names MICHAEL MABOH NKEVE, parental origin from the northwest region of Cameroon precisely Ako sub division Mbembe land , this actor was born in Tombel where his dad worked raised in kumba , did his high school in Ccas kumba, and finally moved to Buea where he achieved his BSC in business management and technology (HIBMAT UNIVERSITY)buea, cure the aspiring actor is out of the country for further studies (masters program)
Scofield is not a new name in the industry for many that knows him and has come across his works, an actor and little knowledge behind the scenes, as a young actor and promising he’s aiming to explore all the sectors in the cinematic industry.


His mentor and role models in the movie industry that helped to inspire and motivate him is AGBOR SIMON AKA Enow Black, this veteran producer he took as aspiring actor and nurse him in the industry, . Also Mr Ivan Namme another producer he also look up to with his versatility in talents, not forgetting daddy BILLYBOB NDIVE LIFONGO all I know behind the camera today is thanks to him.
His likes , like what he do as an actor can’t trade it for no other career, he also like watching football, like working out in the gym, and you can always see him in that joy working hard to earn money.


looking at his status as a man of few talks and high personality, in which he holds respects in high esteem.In how to handle Setbacks,he sees it as a phenomenon, when they come he only resent and re strategies, because the motto here is always move a step infront.According to him ,Showbiz can only help because it’s a self creating venture where you make your fun and make money the same time, it’s an industry you have to be creative to make it else you can only see yourself as a looser, in Showbiz he see the happiness I want in a career.He give a delight shout out to me Ivan Namme, daddy Billybob , karlmaxicole his hard working gaffer, my family that always stand by him and not forgetting all his colleagues in the movie industry that are putting the work together in the industry.


In his Rating the Cameroon entertainment industry from where we used to sale our movies with CDs till date Netflix and other platforms can purchase or go in partnership with us means improvements ,the rating 7/10 and he went ahead in Thanking his supporters and he is overwhelmed with their patience to the decades spend in the industry, but promising for greater projects coming, all is giving is good movie either as an actor or producer, THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT with Cameroon’s cinema

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