BIO & PROFILING||Know More About Afro Beat Artist,Motobanga Kingkong

Cameroon afro pop artist Motobanga Ngando John artistically known as Motobanga Kingkong who was born in the year 1997 on the 7 of February in kumba south west region.Tracing the early life of Motobanga,he grew up in kumba where he obtained his advanced level certificate in ccas kumba secondary school.

Coming from a family of six in which he is the second child,there is the need to discover your passion in which music became the only tool that will give him the drive and zeal to pursue a career in singing.

Having perform in platforms like school socials,brasseries talent hunts and exhibition,mtn,delire etc gave him the visibility that every fan is wishing to see me remains in the entertainment industry for long periods of timeNursing that burning desire to become a super star,my musical idols is wizkid,davido,tzy panchak,Magasco,daphne etc

Working harder to become one of The best kamer and African afro beat singer with rich lyrical content from around the globe specially curated for my growing fan base.Five years ago in which he surfaces to dominate the entertainment industry with singles like Show me love ft Da Bling J Kriss.

The amazing thing about his music is that he sings to elevate and raise hope to people who are emotionally weak in terms of getting into love relationship without caution.Especially ”FOR YOU” which is strickly on love praises.With this utmost energy i see a lot barriers bottom national and international platforms am going to perform with alot to unveil in the years ahead.

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