[BIO & PROFILING]Meet Clovis Akuchu(BETTERFOTO)A Creative And Inspiring Photographer,Ace Blogger .


Clovis akuchu with the brand and  photography  name BetterFoto is an inspiring  and creative  photographer  from Cameroon currently based in Buea.Akuchu Clovis Kusalu was born in Mankon Bamenda on the 15 of July.


He attended PS Tikali Bali – Bamenda Primary School where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and later relocate to kumba seeking for secondary education.In kumba,he obtained his Advance Levels at St Francis Evening college Kumba. He later on make a move to buea to chase other careers.While in buea ,He kick off with University course at Trust Tech Buea for further studies while developing and nurturing his passion for entertainment and showbiz.

In the year 2015,he developed his zeal in the showbiz by managing top enetrtainers like Big G,Icesy songz,Spaco lee,skidi Boy etc by organising shows,netsworks etc.With all these knowledge in promoting talents,he dive into blogging after acquiring enough knowledge and experience.

Life as a blogger

In the year 2016,he created his blogging platform called sir akuchu blog which housed,promote and expose many hidden talents be it music,comedy,acting etc in and out of cameroon which attracts foreigners to put an eye the the cameroon entertainment industry.His blog and huge followers around the globe.

As an ace blogger,he has inpire many top bloggers to pick up blogging career like J Martin Akwo of J Martin Promo,Bonteh Blog,Josy Blink,Arrey Stanley,Arrey B etc.Sir akuchu blog still stand and will always be a told now and in future.

Life As A photographer

After slowing down on blogging,he pick up a career in photography in 2017 which makes him one of cameroon finest photographer .when mentioning top photographers in the industry representing the nation in and out of the country in the field of photography like Penjo Baba,44 pictures, Ojong Photography,Studio 89,Sumis Studios etc with killer shots and  images,BetterFoto will always top the list and stands out as he tells thousands stories with just a single photoshoot be it nature,lifestyle,Fashion, etc.


-Doing photoshoots for top Celebrities and models coupled with any entertainment gurus like Francis Ngannou,Spaco Lee,Rich Khasino,Mr Leo,Caro & Copees,Salatiel etc.

– National events like exhibitions, trade fairs,marriages, Pre weddings photoshoots,Creative lifestyles bringing it to life to arts.He can easily curate great ideas into an impeccable looks on a photo. through potrate and frames

– On October 28 2022,he was recognized as Google and Canon Photographer by promoting their brand

– Management and Tech 

– Gallery room for live displacement of art Such as Photographys and Painting.


 As an aspiring photographer with vision,he has bigger dream to travel the all  the 6 continent and take pictures of beautiful places around the globe.

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