[BIO & PROFILING]Meet Ojong Spencer,Young Photographer telling Thousand Stories With A Single Photo

Photographers play a lot of roles in grooming and branding entertainers from fields likes, music, comedy, Acting and blogging. The community usually does not see the importance of photographers thus relegating their effort and relevance.Ojong Spenser is a Cameroonian photographer who has in many ways proved to us that photographers play major roles . A picture is worth thousand words and in the business of showbiz it is worth more revenue.

A good picture can make or break a brand.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Ojong Spencer Lewis Ebot known as @OjongPhotography on platforms like Facebook,instagram and Twitter. Ojong was born in Mamfe as an only child to his parents. He acquired a GCE A/L certificate in 2020-2021. He has always had the passion for capturing beautiful memories for people and creating art, By the age of 19 he had started his journey and so far has achieved a lot . He is currently working to be a video – Director with two projects on the road while taking an online course to better his art.


He started as an event photographer for weddings, marriages and birthdays and later upgraded into an Artist photographer working under the Label Kwata Music Inc and a personal photographer to Mic Monsta.
He has also captured beautiful moments for artists like Sango Edi, bla bla bla bla…..
Models like…..
Events like….
He is incredible at his job.


-Artist Photographer

  • Video Director

Role Model


Likes and Dislikes

He loves to work with open minded people who understands their role and the role of a photographer

People who are respectful of his craft


-He hates it when clients do not show up in time as agreed

  • when they are reluctant to work


He loves to watch football,Play video games Watch videos of professionals in the field of photography and video directing to learn more.

How He deals with setbacks

We had to ask him this question because we know it is not easy and his response was worth stating
He said and I quote “ The love of photography keeps me going, it is hard sometimes lol but, like I get laptop issues, computer issues That causes a lot of money right but because I am passionate about photography, I find joy in making people happy and beautiful, seeing themselves on a picture ..that smile says a lot. So I have to get up and keep going…now I am not saying the money isn’t part of it, it helps me do a better job”

If it wasn’t photography , what would it have been?

He would have loved to do computer engineering because he is very much interested in the technological work/art a computer can create.

What would you love to say to potential costumers out there?

“We are in a digital world, so I as a photographer and a video grapher in the making, can make you an owner of a part of this digital community which is ultimately good for business. Feel free to hit me up anytime. Thank you.”

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