[BIO+PROFILING]Meet Ndolo Nako A Bitcoin,Crypto Trader & A Fashionista

A business guru,bitcoin trader and fashionista who had print her name on both entertainmnent & fashion scene especially top kamer videos like Salatiel-WEEKEND etc. After gaining a massive spotlight with a popular Modeling house BUTTERFLY ,She was also with a brand new Modeling house agency called build up models [BUM] . Present student at the Institution of Université de la cote (IUC) . She kick off professionally as a video video 4years ago where she found out how vixen are as important as the artist and without vixens the music video will be of no beauty and so should be paid well and respected but later dive into trading as she used it as just a tool to penetrate other domain.

A vixen can stand a chance to do beauty contest can be use for promos and adverts.Her role models has always been kim Kardasian and Nicki Minaj ,with Kylie Jenner she admired a lot. only their effort as models and artist but also as huslers who stand out tall in owning their own brands and companies.Ndolo Nako was born in Ekona yard A Bakwerian from Bonjongo village Under Buea .From a family of five and am the last.Did my primary school and secondary in Bonjongo .Then her high school in Gbhs limbe

Went to university of Buea did two years and later move to Douala to continue due to the anglophone crises Got her HnD in project management and degree in management.Currently doing her masters program now on business analytics.As a versatile & confident being,she has other inborn talents like Singing and also a fashionista,she has represented so much top fashion brands like sasha designs,Louis Fame etc displaying their outfits.

As a single and business oriented lady, she has succeeded in building her own business empire call EMITRADE which deals on buying and selling of bitcoins,crypto currency,dealing on exchange of currencies such as naira & dirhams etc.which is becoming a fast growing empire.As a lady who know how to deal with Setbacks through hardwork and overcoming obstacles and challenges because nothing in this life is easy though so it’s just to keep fighting believing and never giving up.

According to her philosophy, You know being a celeb or famous doesn’t mean you must do alot of showbiz things and can be real famous in what you do .So for now she is focusing much now on growing her business and taking the company to the next levels while Currently going into her master’s program

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