Comedian and businessman Danny Green Aka Towncryer backeds an automobile Deal endorsement with Auto Solutions Ltd


Auto solutions Ltd is an automobile company located at the commercial center in Douala, Akwa. Our main objectives are car sales, car consultancy, spare parts dealers including import & exports of commodities across the globe.

We only accept 50% upfront payment for the purchase of any LUXURY car of your choice in any part of the world and we execute the transportation and customs clearing procedures in Cameroon.

At Auto Solutions Ltd. we make sure your car is properly checked and diagnosed by a well trained professional mechanic who in return confirms the the perfect nature of the car before shipping to Cameroon. You only complete the remaining 50% payment upon the delivery of your car at your doorstep anywhere in Cameroon.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is key to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently to avoid the risk of a breakdown and expensive, unexpected repairs. At Auto Solutions we strive to make the servicing process as seamless as possible. Our highly qualified technicians aim to have you back on the road as soon as possible before shipment is done.

We have luxurious cars in perfect condition available at our office in akwa.

Contact Auto solutions today and solve all your Auto Mobile problems

Contact: +237 6 74 37 91 10
IG: @itdautosolition

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