[DISCOVERY]Meet Ceo Of Rich House Fashion -Dansah Richie|Checkout Photos

Fashion has alot of roles to play when it’s comes in re branding the entertainment industry. Alot of fashion brands have work tirelessly to bring out that African culture,ethnicity,tribal wears that can make you identify in every part of the world like Louis Fame ,Meso Design,Sasha Designs,Whizzcliff And Rich house Fashion (RICHOF).

Today dailykamer has to appreciate one of Cameroon vibrant youth who have take fashion as a means to pass out messages through his fabrics and stitches in bringing out best cameroon and african regalia in likes of suits,agbada,Natives wears in all caliber.

Dansah Richie/Photo Credit-BetterFoto

Dansah Richie CEO of Rich House Of Fashion (RICHOF) is brother of 3 and the eldest of son of Late mr Dansah mathias and Dansah serah of bassa njikwa momo division northwest.

In well spent time on mastering his art of fashion, his Achievements are uncountable as acquiring a diplome in fashion designing and dress making under the ministry of vocational training.

Before diving into fashion,Educational wise he spent 3 years in studying Economics under the faculty of social management and sciences university of buea.

Dansah Richie(CEO)Of Rich House Fashion

Talking of aspirations and dreams,Dansah Richie has been in business for 7 years with a diversify knowledge in African and western outfits for both male and female,so he is not slowing down anytime soon as he will be exporting his outfits abroad especially to all africans around the world to feel at home.

In terms of growth one must have role Mentor &Role Model.David Lushmack the director of David lushmack vocational college of fashion kumba and fabric doctor funyuy rene are his role models.

Check Out other photos of his works!


3 thoughts on “[DISCOVERY]Meet Ceo Of Rich House Fashion -Dansah Richie|Checkout Photos

  1. Baba Coin Premier says:

    Watching u climb de success ladder from Kumba to Buea, I can say i am proud of u CEO RICHOF. “Minister” as we fondly called u back den i pray God keeps blessing u with more creative ideas to produce good designs. Keep soaring above ur fears my humble n God fearing pal. God bless u abundantly

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