[DOWNLOAD AUDIO]Awu Sing Song-MOLA (Produced by Phillbill).

After over two years of writing and recording, Deekay House is pleased to announced that AWU has finally dropped his  new single Mola, off his debut album Sounds of Heritage.

The single which is produced by Phillbill will be available was released on  Friday 3rd September along with pre-order of the album across all streaming platforms.

The song, Mola presents Awu’s exciting new musical direction called Makossa Fusion(fusing Makossa and other sounds to give a unique, experimental and celebratory sound, while highlighting the individuality of the artist).

Awu’s love for Makossa started as a child, falling in love with its instrumentation and its flagship artists like Sam Fan Thomas, Ben Decca, Jacky Kingue etc.

Through Makossa Fusion, Awu seeks to reintroduce Makossa in a way that is contemporary and engaging. Stay tuned for more on Awu’s trendsetting music, and join the party by streaming Mola.

Downlown & Watch Lyric video!


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