[EVENT]-All You Need To Know About The Upcoming APWAL FESTIVAL ||See Details.

The Apwal Fine Arts Festival is a three-day event centred around an art exhibition, accompanied by creative workshops and productive debates. The purpose of the festival is to give Cameroonian visual artists a platform to showcase their creations and the opportunity to network with other visual artists. This year’s edition will be the third.

Their ultimate objectives are:

  • Bringing more attention and recognition to the visual arts scene in Cameroon
  • Empowering visual artists in our community and providing a constructive way for youths to express themselves
  • Giving visual artists in Cameroon a stable platform to put their work on display.

Last year they had about 20 visual artists exhibiting with them; painters, pencil artists and photographers, and over 300 guests. This year they ‘re hoping to get more visitors. The artist registration portal for this year is unfortunately already closed. Nonetheless, They have started accepting entries from artists all over Cameroon.

The event will take place in Buea, from the 13th–15th of October 2023 and This year’s theme is “Tetsei Ngeundem”: Elements of Nature. It’s open to the public, no tickets or entry fees.

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