[FOCUS]:3 Cameroonian Female/Bamileke Female Musicians Who Are Business Inclined

To Succeed in a high competitive music industry in Cameroon which is mostly dominated by men as a lady you have to be able to derive various dominating qualities couple with a business mindsets to attract  companies and business organizations to link up with you for advertisement  and endosements.

As the always say bamileke people are business inclined no matter the domain they find theirself and are blessed with these gift from creation .These three female musicians  Blanche Baily,kameni,mimie has taken the industry by storm with their unique business incline qualities that make them to standout among other female musicians. AS of now they the top commercial urban female artist who are also influential with to brands and business.

1.Blanche Bailley

Since gaining massive recognizing and working tirelessly to build more fan based,the mimba queen has shows no sign of slowing down dropping singles upon singles couple with top collaborations.Blanche rose to fame and became a household name in the year 2016 and the rest is history.

‘’CAM WE STAY ‘’was just a signal as she later on dropping other hits like ‘’MIMBAYEUR’’Ft  Minks,Bon Bon,L’argent,Ndolo,Jaloux ft Tzy Panchak,Mes Respect. etc.Her music is a source of strength to ladies as she uses evrery release lyrics to fight for  women who are treated cruelly by men.She has succeeded in Shutting down shows in and out of the country which she has expose her craft  to wither audience.

Also Her business mindset in showbiz has paved the way for international collaborations as she is currently making resourceful moves to network with African music  business I gurus like Don Jazzy,Koffi Olomide etc.She recently collaborated with one of Nigerians trending hitmakers JOEBOY on a single dubbed ‘’MINE’’which has helped her in gaining fan base in nigeria and Africa.She is currently working on her first studio album which will be dropping anytime soon.

Apart from  music,blanche has a beauty saloon based in buea and douala called ‘’MIMBA CLOSET’’ which involveds hairstyling,barbing,Manicure,pedicure,facials,message etc.Talking of endosementn a lot of brands has used her as the face of their product like Coc Beauty magazines and Music Star 2021 Coach etc.


When talking about lady of substance and impact,mimie has is all.She remains one of the most calm and respected music diva who knows how to find her way into peoples hard through her music and movie acting.She is has been into the game as an independent  artist for half a decade now until finally gotten that hits song that leads to her gaining to much fans.Songs like Ten Ten,Maaleh,J’avance,Faya Faya Ft Locko  etc.All her singles is top notch as she always have a way of connecting to tradition in each of her releases making her so unique in style and delivery that always connect with her tribal people.She always have a handful of bookings for shows,public and private gathering that is paying her highly.

More So,music  is not solely her talented as she also have many talent skills like vixens and acting.she has featured on many movies like  against the win,Macarena The dancing girl etc.In addition,she has a couple so endorsement with reputable brands like captain morgan,Maera bacteria soap,Tatdja Cosmetics etc.


The truth is bamileke are blessed with business incline knowledge in which kameni is not an exemption.You can’t always espect much from the  ‘’Nayo Nayo’’ Crooner who has work tirelessly within two years to build a music discography which will went along way to inspire her followers.Kameni rose to fame in the year 2018 with her smash hit song ‘’Nayo Nayo’’which became a street anthem making her a force to reckon with.

Kameni has been underground for more than five years appearing as a vixens to Mr leo videos like ‘’On Va Gere’’,Jamais Jamais,etc but finally came to limelight .She has couple of singles like Boss, Mama,Nayo Nayo,Them etc.

She later on releases five track EP in the year 2021 titled ‘’LOVE & HUSLE“which proves her musical and lyrical strength in the entertainmnent industry.She has featured in a handful of collaborations like Stanley Enow,Tzy Panchak,Mr Leo etc.Earlier this year 2022,she went solo as she part ways from her her  ‘’lion production’’owned by Mr Leo that helped her to gain spotlight .

Due to her vast exposure a lot of brands saw the need to partner for  a business deals and endorsement like united bank of Africa (UBA),Booster drink ,baileys.etc

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