Four Reasons Why Late Fhish Lesly Participate In The 2021 Biggy237 Edition

Sometimes alot of life mishaps happened that puts everyone in pain within a short time.It’s a week already since our beloved artist Fhish lesly who was involved in a ghastly accidents along douala tiko highway that claims the singer live and his manager Feka Parchibell.

While thousands of fans mourning continue to wish the singer never won the car from biggy237 that claim his live alongside his manager,but others saw it as a means to dominate more resourceful platforms and fan base.Here are four important reasons why the singer make his transition into the biggy237 mansion


Within a year now,we have seen fhish on many occasions misbehave especially in 2019 during Stanley Enow album launch,in a snack in buea, etc his manager saw the need for him to get a rehab by meeting with the organisers to confirm his presence in the mansion to live and interact among others in three months.

-As a Boost To The Show

we withnessed a lot of success in the recent biggy237 2021 edition.With the presence of a public figure like fhish in the mansion enable and brings more visibility on the show to make it popular and standout in which many saw and understand the vision.

-Increase Of fanbase for his career as an artist

Fhish was a public figure before diving into the biggy237 mansion.In the mansion he acquired alot of fans both home and abroad with alot of traffic which let to the discovery of him been just a housemates but an artist too.But unfortunately he is dead and gone and no way he will be benefiting from these things

-Networking and Partnerships

Alot of brands and business organization like Mtn,Orange,Nextel,UBA, etc will want to benefit from his exposure and visibility he derived within his stay in the mansion to entrust their businesses to gain more customers through him that will fetch him more endorsement.

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