[INSPIRED]-Akumba Music Signs New Artist KING LUCA To continue Creating Legacies

KingLuca begins his new journey with AkumbaMusic. He is ready to create his own legacy and write his as other successful label mate like @elishak and former signee Rinyu.Akumba MUSIC boss @achunomad drops the official press release for fans and new audiences.


Akumba Media Group – July 4th, 2024…

King Luca – A King is Born

We are Delighted to announce the signing of an Artist Development, Music Production, Distribution and Image Management Record deal with Afrosoul, Afrobeats and Afrotrap Singer and Songwriter KING LUCA .
This Wonderkid who hails from Nso in the North West Region of Cameroon is a highly gifted
Musician with a very rich, soulful and unique vocal timbre. His lyrical prowess, Originality and Delivery Quality gives him the potential to be able to make an impact and create a legacy for himself at world class level.
We first heard this Wonderkid earlier this year 2024 when we launched an open verse challenge for our Lead Artist’s song (Elisha K – Joana). This young man dropped a jaw dropping verse that left our entire team shocked and scrambling and we immediately went on a manhunt for him. He ate up the bars, toyed with the rhythm seamlessly and his lyrical delivery matched the standard of the song note for note. In fact, His verse was so strong that we immediately used it to make a remix for the song Joana and then added the remix to Elisha K’s soon to be released EP – Days Of Elisha Epistle 2.
Luckily, We were able to track him down after a long search. Apparently, He’d been offline and briefly away from the music scene because he was in school studying nursing in Bamenda. We are proud to be able to sign and bring him home to Akumba Music where legends are made and legacies are created.
Sah Mohammad Umaru is 21 years old and will be with us for the next 7 years as he develops and rides into his prime. He will perform with the stage Name KING LUCA, which is also a character he will gracefully embody. He has the DNA of Akumba Music, which is raw Talent, Originality, Uniqueness and the sheer will to create a Legacy. We want to assure the general public that the future of Cameroon’s Urban Music just got even more secured.
We have a well oiled engine which is ready to go and The NEW KING will hit the ground running. Anticipate back to back singles and an EP from King Luca this 2024.
Achu Normad
Production Director,
Akumba Media Group Ltd

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