INSPIRED-These Cameroonian Are living Proofs That Cameroon Need Nigeria To Shine Brighter

These Cameroonian are living proofs that we need Nigeria to shine brighterAs some Cameroomians fan the h*te flame on social media against Nigeria simply because they are more succesful, we take a dive into Cameroon’s struggling entertainment industry and point out the visible hand of Nigeria in the carrer of thr most succesful English speaking entertainers80-20 campaigners have been busy cursing and lecturing Cameroomians on anything related to ties with Nigeria. Their rage ranges from using Nigerian Slangs in their comedy skits, visiting Nigeria for validation and hiring Nigerian artists for shows in Cameroon

But facts don’t lie and Nigerians are not the cause of Anglophone Cameroonians inability to dominate the Cameroonian market or Africa.If anything, Nigeria has embraced and helped project some of the finest talents we have today by giving them access to their platforms and exposing them to their huge marketIn this article, I will bring to you some of the key beneficiaries of Nigeria’s support

Senior Pastor Comedian

This is arguably the finest stand up comedians Anglophone Cameroon can be proud of.

The Author of now prestigious ‘Corporate Night of laughter show’ , Senior pastor is a product of Nigerian mentorship. The Limbe based comédian has not been shy to tell the world about his experiences in Nigeria to learn comedy from some of the biggest comedy stages in the continent like AY Live

His story doesn’t send a message of descrimination againts a Cameroonian by Nigerians but one of patience, deligence and hope which reflects the story of many Nigerian artists, comedians during their humble beginnings.

Senior pastor says he used to go to Nigeria and couldn’t afford a hotel to sleep just to learn. He will attend the event and sleep inside the event hall ontop of parked chairs. Today he performs in Nigeria with those he once idolized, bring them to Cameroon for his own show and run the biggest comedy show in the country

237 town Cryer

237 town cryer is another succesful product born of of Nigeria’s support and generosity. Town cryer gain fame in Cameroon by crying on social media as form of comedy.

But the comédian only gained money and became an infleuncer when he travelled to Nigeria and met entertainment heavyweights like Don Jazyy who quickly admired his craft and quickly gave him exposure on his millions of followers after realizing he was unique and goodTown Cryer suddenly secured endorsement deals in Nigeria, became even more famous back home and jumped to the A list category over night.

Stanley Enow

If there is any artist in Cameroon who is known in Nigeria its Stanley Enow.

The MTV award winner after announcing himself on national stage with hit Song ‘Hein Père’ quickly collaborated with Nigerian rapper Ice Prince and Afrobeat heavyweight Davido to secure his spot on the continent’s billboard

Stanley quickly became the most branded artist in Cameroon, securing multiple endorsements deals including a lucrative one with Guineas Africa along with Nigeria music kingpin Wiz Kid as the two brand ambassadors of Africa.Recently Stanley was in Nigeria to partner with Nigerian rising comedians for comedy skits in his efforts to revive his name in the country and Africa.

Syndy Emade

Syndy Emade has always been a good actress blessed with cash but she was far from being among the continent’s best.The actress cum producer quickly used her money to import Nigerian talents like Ewobi, partner with them and improve her skills.Today, she is one of the best actress in Cameroon and Africa, featuring regularly with Nigerians hottest actors in movies and having some of her movies on Netflix

Agbor Gilbert

The CEO of CAMIFF might not be a product of Nigerian mentorship or protégé of Nigeria’s film industry but his now internationally acclaimed CAMEROON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL wouldnt have been where it is today without Nigerian support.Names like Ramsey Noah, Zach Orji and others graced his events regularly in Buea and help give the festival the international feeling and attributes it so badly craved.Gilbert as a beneficiary of Nigerian support no doubt has never endorsed the h*ate filled 80-20 campigan and rightfully

Apostle Jon Chi

The man of God is certainly not an entertainer but a product of Nigeria’s mentorship. The TB Joshua’s protège is the biggest name in the country today when it comes to men of God. Apostle John Chi is not only revered but he is believed by many as true man of God thanks in huge part due to his time spent as the right hand man of Nigeria’s famous prohpeht TB Joshua whom he still appreciates even after his demiseSupport your own campaigners are those rushing to his Ark of God church for miracles.


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