[Interview & Bio]All You Need To Know About R’n’B Queen SENGE

Today is another episode of artist profiling on daily kamer.We have a alot of diverse talent in terms of movie,comedy,music etc and is good we explore and make use of it through this platform especially the work they putting in to entertain us.We are opportune today to interview rising R’n’B female singer SENGE.

When it comes to singing talent styles blend with vocals,her delivery is superb.She is out with her latest R’n’B Soul ”You Know”.Below are some questionaires you all need to know !

DailyKamer-Tell Us Your Background


I’m a native from the bakossi kingdom. Born in a family of 15 kids with me being the 14th and the last girl.

Dailykamer-Your Achievements?


A nomination in one of the most prestigious awards in Cameroon (Canal 2’or acte ,Officially selected to represent Cameroon at Visa for Music in Morocco 2019,Invited at the Festival Masa ivory coast to do a live performance before a multitude of fans., Just released a single “you know” after her album ” See ya Life”.

Dailykamer-Level Of Education?


Humm. Okay. I was born in Douala Cameroon so I started my class 1-4 in Douala. Then later on moved to Ekok (situated at the boarders between Cameroon and Nigeria). Where I did my class five. My older brother got a job and asked me to school at kumbambeng, where I wrote and passed the common Entrance in class 6. my form 1-5 was spent at P.H.S Kumba. Lower sixth and upper sixth at Lycee bilingue de deido where I successfully obtained my advance level. And finally I obtained my Master degree in Business law at University of Douala .

Dailykamer-Yours Career as in music?


I hope I got your question right? I am an artist musician

Dailykamer-Role Model/Mentor?


Tracy Chapman



I really like peace and love. I dislike being angry. I don’t look good at all when am angry 😅

Dailykamer-Hobbies & Status?


Singing, swimming and creating. I’m married.

Dailykamer-How Do You Deal With Setbacks?


I simply use my setbacks as my rising force.

Dailykamer-What If  Showbiz No  For Help?What would you have become?


If showbiz no for helep hummm… Then I for creat something by God’s grace.

Dailykamer-Shout out to 5 people!


my team, you guys are woow,To my family for always being there for me.
To all the Cameroonian artists because truly despite everything they are still hitting it and with no bias despite the difficulties we are facing in our industry.
Finally to everyone single soul encouraging me out there. Being friends,fans, media, radios stations, TV stations, bloggers, companies etc. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys.

Dailykamer-Rate The Cameroon Industry !


6 stars. We are moving with no support. Yes.



This part of the question is a surprise. Just subscribe to all my social media pages and you will see the SENGE I you never expected.

A special thanks to all those who have been supportive from the beginning of my. I am sorry to say I have changed my social media handles from Senge Official to SENGE I. I did this for personal reasons I will disclose with time. Please a career is a journey and I will be delighted to take every step with you. God bless us all.

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