[Interview & Profiling]I Used Comedy As A tool To Penetrate The Industry-Danny Green -Town Cryer Speaks

Tembu Daniel who’s artistic stage name is Danny Green Freshking AKA Town Cryer is an Entertainer from momo division mbengwi to be precise, first son of Tembu Christopher, was born in Cameroon but grew up in Nigeria later came to Cameroon to further studies in 2009.2017 2018 Danny Green Freshking was awarded akd recognised as the king of stage in bamenda by the sOSHA empire. Holder of Gce O and A, HPD in Radiology and Bsc in Radiology .

Town Cryer-Danny Green

Attended basic education in Nigeria from nursery school to secondary where he did technical education first two years in college because he was forced by his parents to attend a technical college, but he later switched to science which was his passion, he attended the best grammar school BSC bishop shanaham college imo State where he obtained his junior waec and senior waec later obtained his jamb in 2018 then he retired to Cameroon for university studies Arrived in Cameroon 2009 Danny Green was compelled to retake the O and A levels so between the year 2010 to 2011 Danny Green obtained his O and A levels Then he spent 2 to 3years working as a glass and aluminum man and doing some off jobs while hustling his music career Later 2014 he obtained a Scholar to study radiology in St Louis university since his Dream was to be an oncologist he grabbed the opportunity studied hard and got his PHD, and Bsc as a professional radiation technology

Tembu Daniel is multi talented ranging from comedy,singging,acting which he featured in most drama in Nigeria as a student, He started as a dancer then music all in church because he grew up in the church so he lead the choir so he sang every sunday.. He have 2 gospel Album’s till he discovered he could switched up and use the anger in him to make music that’s when he did ” I DON’T PLAY WITH MA HUSLE” it was viral in bamenda where he used it as a tool to kill every show, then everyone knew him for picking the afro hip pop genre artist till

In 2017 when he kick started with comedy by making fun for sad patients in the hospital where the videos leaked on social media people started looking up to him make fun that’s how Comedy stepped in, then acting came as many directors wants to star him in their movies cos he is a good actor so he term himself an entertainer  who draws inspirations from various entertainers like Frank Edward 

Apart from being an entertainer ,he is a charitable human being with numerous charity done from the past years by visiting the orphanages and schools donating school uniforms,books with the company of his clothing brand energy gang etc He is a fun type like being happy (fun) who like travelling and farming.

He also went ahead to appreciate every promoter and bloggers like dailykamer ,Shout out to 237showbiz, j martins akwo Promo Chinese man Promo,  kesamag, afriblinksblog ,All Cameroon artists, models ,rappers, producers, buzz makers etc Advice the upcoming comedians that they should not join the Industry out of frustration, don’t join Comedy because u don’t have a choice join as a second choice .don’t put ur eggs in one basket those who dropped out of school should go back to school especially if they have a sponsor if you are in school reading .

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