[Interview & Profiling]Meet One Of K-Town Finest Rapper Raaz B

Today we take you to K-town one of the most powerful and innovative towns in terms of entertainment.K-town have produced so much popular artist trending both home and abroad and are flag bearers now in the industry in likes of Mic Monster,Ko-C,Ewube,Skidi Boy,Big G,African Faze and raaz b etc.

Raaz B has been in the game of entertainment industry close to a decade in which he was part of the famous group in t K-Town called SWAG BMG and still grinding like new bees .As a successul act,he has released top notch tracks that will always match him with A list artist liek “WISE MAN”.

Raaz B

Is very important to catch up with the rapper especially his innovations,career,business and prospects.Dailykamer is pleased to grant this interview through some questionnaires below

DailyKamer-Please tell us about your Family and background?

Reply-Raas B-Born and bread in kumba, second to the last position in the family of six, 3 boys and 3 girls, university graduate, sold out 1 EP and 1 Studio album, achieve 2 awards, best rap song 2016 and best street EP 2018, etc.

Raaz B

DailyKamer-What are your Achievements?

Reply -Raaz B-rate on percentage so far I have achieved just 3/10, reason why I am working none stop

DailyKamer-Your Education?

Reply Raaz B-(His): University graduate

DailyKamer-Your Career(as in our line of Entertainment) ?

Reply Raaz B– A Model, Actor, etc: Recording stage performance artist

DailyKamer-Mentor/Role Model

Reply Raaz B: Future

DailyKamer-Your Likes/Dislikes?

Reply Raaz- In the 237 industry: There’s nothing to like in this industry, the hate and jealousy is 💯 over 💯

Dailykamer-Hobies and Status:?

Reply Raaz B– One of the richest Cameroon rappers riding an expensive car worth 22 million

DailyKamer- How do you deal with Setbacks?

Reply Raaz B– Isolate me and create a solution for a way forward

DailyKamer-What if showbiz wasn’t paying in Cameroon, what would you have done?

Reply Raaz B-In every negative situation, there is a positive solution, I would have been a businessman

DailyKamer– shout out to 5 People

Reply Raaz B– Miss. Lydia, Mr. Joeseph, Gattuso, Future, Pretty

DailyKamer-who are you crushing On?

Reply Raaz B– Gasha

DailyKamer-Rate the Cameroon Industry?

Reply Raaz B– 2/10

DailyKamer-Your Prospects: Davido

I want To Be like Davido.I don’t wait for tomorrow to start building the life I dreams of, the time is now. Focus and make sure you break away from abusive relationships quickly and quietly for the future now don’t waste one second doing anything that is not building your life. Street god.

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