[Interview & Profiling]Meet One Of The Most Popular Twin And Superb Duo From Cameroon Dubbed K-2

Today Daily Kamer is pleased to grant their first interview to one of Cameroonian popular twins called K-2 .K-2 is made up of Ken Ramsey and kelvin Romeo.They are identical twins who are storming the industry.Despite having a great personality in the entertainment scene,and exhibit different behaviours, some of which are influenced by the zeal to penetrate the industry,they have succeeded in winning the hearts of their fans through music and video vixens.

K-2 have appeared and starred on videos of songs that have became a hits in the likes of ”Ca A Cuit” by KO-C,Nayo Nayo by Kameni etc.Musically, They are afro pop singers in which they have recorded a hand full of songs way back then that defines theirs stay in the industry but never gets the attention they wanted.


Today you may want to know more about the most popular twins we have in the industry through some questionaires below:

DailyKamer-Can YOU tel, us about your background?

Reply-K2: We came from a large family in which my mum is coming from the palace(royalty)  mostly of my family relatives are out of the country only few are here in Cameroon my mum is a mettah woman while my dad is batibo Both of them  are coming from the northwest. May their soul Rest In Peace 


DailyKamer-What are your Achievements?

Reply-K2: talk less of our achievements I can’t really say we have achieve to the extend we can call it achievements we are still fighting but in other aspects life when we turn to look back early 2010 comparing  now we have achieve enough by being a life secondly changing of environment from kumba to douala has influenced their popularity .Due to money derived from showbiz, we have acquired a car and also looking forward to establish a fashion shop so I can’t say at least we are trying to upgrade compared as before.

DailyKamer-What are your Academic Qualifications?

 Reply-K2: we drop out of high school because life was hard it comes to and extends our mum can’t afford to take care of us life was hard she become ill and there was no one at that moment for us to run to my mum family abandon her not even talk lest of her on twin brother till today we have not set our eyes on him so you can’t imagine so we drop out of school enter street hassle picking scraps from one village to another just to make sure our mum could survive but unfortunately she give up and she inspire us by listening to music and also a great lover of Bebe manga songs that’s where we develop love in music till now music is our only survival .

DailyKamer- Career (as in your vixens and music).?

Reply-k2: music is our passion we also love acting when it comes to acting we are good secondly we love modeling but we are not a model but in the line of fashion we are a roll models to some people we love fashion we design our own outfit also looking forward to establish our fashion shop and brand soon.

Dailykamer-Who Are Your mentors/Role model?

Reply-k2: when it comes to mentor or our role model to be honest there’s no one but ourselves .

Dailykamer-Likes and dislikes?

Reply-k2: umm when it comes to dislike is when someone those not  has respect

Dailykamer-Hobbies and status?

Reply-k2: we are normal simple and gentle always respectful to anyone who respect himself 

Dailykamer-How do you deal with setbacks?

Reply-k2:The only solution we bow down our head and pray to God because he is the only one who can fight all our setbacks and no matter what we never give up we keep on pushing no matter the challenges we face we keep on pushing .

Dailykamer-What if Showbiz no for helep?What would you guys have become?

Reply-k2: like I said before a fashion designer apart of the music fashion is something that grow in us .

Dailykamer-Shout Out To 6 People.

Reply-k2:Saa the list is many but since you said 6 (Bobo B Picture)  (Tzy Panchak) (Ko-C) (kameni) (Ejikay chucks) (Pa gwa) (Kang Quintus),trending expression entertainment Emmanuel the boss.

Dailykamer-Who are you guys crushing on individually?

Reply-k2:crushing on no one .

Dailykamer-Rate the cameroon industry!

Reply-k2: The Cameroon music and film industry is getting bigger everyday with a lot of new talent .

Dailykamer-What are your prospects?

Reply-k2: if you want to achieve anything in life you have to be humble, secondly never give up keep on pushing with faith and positive thoughts and mind set believe in yourself only you can make it happen no one else except  you so don’t limit yourself

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