Is The Ban of Naira Marley from performing in Cameroon a hate ?Cy International Speak Out

Alot of mishaps and controversy has plagued the life and career of one time hitmaker in the Nigeria music industry, Naira Marley who owns the Marlian Music Group.

last week one of his former Artist MOHBAD died due to circumstances we couldn’t see and a lot of fingers were pointing at him due to the circumstances he left the MUSIC label last year.

These has prompted alot of criticism that has let us to recalled two years ago when he visited Cameroon for a show that was organized by cliq empire which later on cancel by the influence of 237 activists with his aimed of of 80~20 and Naira Marley having bad influence on the youths due to what his MUSIC depicts.

This has led to his outing asking some questions amidst the situation that led to mohbad dead which has made some Nigerians to stormed the streets to cry for justice for mohbad and the Nigerian government has passed a law requiring every snack, radio etc. to stop playing Naira Marley music and marlian music.

He said

is the ban of Naira Marley from performing in Cameroon a hate ?

Everyone has been waiting for this outing from cy international.

This doesn’t sit well as some show promoters in USA has canceled one of Naira Marley Artist zinolesky tour within 10 cities which was scheduled this September as everyone seems to boycott everything that want to do with marlian MUSIC.

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