Lady Pours Hot Water into her husband Private In Yaounde

Woman Pours Hot WATER into his husband private

A Couple who just got married in yaounde are in chaos after wive pours hot water into his private .According to eye witness and words from theirs neighbours,the husband seems to suffer series of abuses from the wife who now control the house making the man to feel relinquish and detrone him of his postion as a man in the house.

Few days ago,they fought and get the whole neighborhood disturb with insults from the wife depicting his personality as not man enough especially sexual satisfaction.

after few minutes of calmness,she went to the kitchen and boil water brings it out and pour it on the husband manhood saying that she will destroyed it since its useless and can’t perform marital duties.

He was rushed to the haspital where he is currently receiving treatment.

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