Meet Kwe Julliete Ngwankfu Using Her Engineering Skills To Invent A Peanut Machine.

Julliete Ngwankfu is a year four student who hails from Nkambe of the College of Technology (COLTECH) Studying Agricultural Engineering in University of Bamenda.

Who has invented a peanut coating Machine,, her inspiration was gotten from the traditional way of doing this snack by putting groundnuts (Peanuts) in a bowl while rotating, adding coating ingredients and flour till it reaches the required sizes, which requires a lot of human efforts and time.

She designed and fabricated this machine with the aid of the knowledge acquired during her four years in COLTECH, she conceived everything and designed this beautiful Machine her dream is to design a bigger system that will be automatic as many of Cameroonian youths are involve in producing this crunchy snack peanuts burger though they commonly call it Peanuts.

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