Meet Nadaboy Kells,A Producer,Singer With An EP(MBU)| Ahead To Storm The Industry

Mbu Degaulle Known by his stage name NadaBoy Kells is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer and a member of a rising label “Street Survivals Record”. Born in SW kumba into a family of seven with him being the sixth child.He dropout after achieving the advanced level certificate. He Took his music and production Career serious after he dropped out and visited the studio for the first time in 2009.

Back in South West(kumba) he released a couple of good songs like “Ngea, Nama Choice, Show ya Style” that when viral and gain him some popularity locally. He left his home town and relocated to the Economic Capital of the Country Douala in 2017 because of the ongoing crisis in the nation and began a new journey.

As a producer,he has also produced songs for artist like Spaco Lee (Bessem) Mic Monsta (Why e be Say) Dante Boy (Paparazzi) G4 (King’s Priest ) and soo many others.

After much release of singles for himself and other artist,he saw the need to drop a project(EP)which will much appreciated by fans for his consistency,versality. In his words,the EP is a medium in which he can tell his story to the world expressing his pain,love and passion for art that will go along way to heal many souls and identify with his own sounds.The FIVE track EP has three collaboration of artist like Carl Brizzy,Chi Bike & Jerusalem and is solely Nadaboy Kells that to tell you his strength as an independent entertainer .

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