[MUSIC]-Blanche Bailly and Joeboy, serenade each other in ‘Mine'(Produced by Tempoe).

Blanche Bailly is back with her new single titled ‘Mine’ featuring Nigerian hitmaker; Joeboy. In the song, Blanche and Joeboy, act out as lovers, taking take turns singing to each other about the love they have for each other, from their own perspectives. Joeboy pleads to Bailly to be he’s, all while Blanche recalls how she gave her heart to him, and he played with it. 
Blanche eventually gets stuck; wanting to let go, but not being able to. While Joeboy continues to sing to her about why she shouldn’t leave him. 
This song is produced by tempoe for all who have experienced love/heartbreak. It will definitely make it to the top of your playlist after the first listen! 
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