[MUSIC]-Lion Academy Of Mr Leo Drops First Album After Graduation ”MUZIKI VOL 1”

When talking of impact and creativity, Mr leo have that totem of making one superstar. We see he likes of Gomez and kameni who are flourishing and using his limelight and exposure to attain more heights and platforms.Within a year we have withness the birth of lion academy for arts and entertainment which was created last year and has house and expored artist like Wal T,Kotto Boy,Pecutie,Lhorist and Nzaly Dakin with their recent graduation of the first batch on February 3 2023 in which they where presented with certificates of recognition.

So their first project ”MUZIKI VOL 1” is here already with collaboration from the boss himself Mr leo Mr Leo, Lohrist_official Kottoboy WALTY. Pecutieofficial & NZALY DAKIN

Keep Streaming here : https://orcd.co/muzikivol

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