[MUSIC]:Salatiel ”Soucre Nouveau”(Produced By Salatiel & Directed BY Nkeng Stephens).

Salatiel has that special juice vibe when it comes to love ballads tracks.The singer hardly run out of creative love tracks.When spending so much time in the studio,always espect the best melody from the ”High Man General”.He seems not to be one type of woman after ”ANITA’‘ this time as he openly celebrate finding new found love.

He Probably explain on ”Soucre Nouveau’‘ the need to enjoy your new found love because you go ahead to experience the most sweetest moments that will only go ahead to sour leaving both with just beautiful memories.

The video scenes is built with love scenes to make you look for a lover and fall in love. Produced by Salatiel himself and directed by nkeng stephens!

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