Njilifac Queendoline Launches 2nd Edition of Queens Magazine 2021.

Queen’s magazine is a worldwide Fashion, and lifestyle magazine of English origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. It was founded in 2019 by Njilifac Queendoline popularly known as Kendal Queen and who happens to be the writer .

Kendal Queen is a Professional catwalk instructor and Fashion Model. She’s also the CEO of BAQ-MAKEOVER Categories of magazine, Fashion Frequency Monthly

What Does Queen’s Magazine Do?

Queen’s magazine is a Yearly print and digital publication out for readers on monthly bases with a wild coverage of readers both offline and online, national and international with incredible features.

Queen’s magazine connects , fashionist and entertainers on an international scale especially within Africa.

Queen’s Magazine Aims at getting readers purchase the magazine each day to learn the latest beauty tips and to find out how to upgrade their fashion, with almost no cost .

Check out the launching photos below!

Launching Of Queens Magazine 2021 2nd Edition
Launching Of Queens Magazine 2021 2nd Edition
Queens Magazine Catalogue
Queens Magazine
Queens Magazine 2021 Edition
Njilifac Queendoline /Founder Of Queens Magazine
Queens Magazine 1&2 Edition

Queen’s magazine in the days ahead will use celebrities to draw readers into purchasing Queen’s magazines.

Celebrities are so far already promoting everything that the magazine is trying to push onto the readers because it popularizes trends.

Not only does the magazine focus on fashion and beauty, but also many articles focus on culture and the media.

Love and Life

Queen’s magazine will also focus on love and lifestyle as well as horoscopes will also feature inside the magazine, where readers look for advice to live a life like celebrities.

Queen’s Magazine will be open to partnership, sponsorship, for next editions, advertise with us by contacting

Facebook : Kendal Queen
Twitter : kendel_queen
Instagram : kendal Queen

Contact :
+237 653 208 460 / +237 679 472 080

Email :
Email 1# njilifac.queendoline@gmail.com
Email 2 :

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