[PROFILING]Meet Cameroon/ Diaspora MC Melanie Kengni

Her name is Melanie Kengni , cameroonian age 27 birthday October 27th 1993.She is currently based in the UK A degree holder in English with journalism and public Relations..currently doing masters in media communications in United Kingdom.She has Been a journalist for 3yrs in cameroon….MC and Award host.apart from Mcing ,she is also into acting.

She started acting at 22 done 4 movies and stopped… but acting is what will definitely take up again……she is passionate about acting and its one of her favorite activities.

MC Melanie Kengni

She is fighting endlessly for her dreams and encourages many to emulate her. Her role model are those those who make it in environments where people think they can’t,those who fight and if you are that person,you are her role model.

She like the acts of kindness and honesty,self love and obsessed with Praying to God.Also she hate bad people,rude, vain and judgmental people.

She always fight though setbacks by accepting what has happened and i look for the good in every situation and always come back stronger.

Showbiz is definitely a part of her and she love every part of it but also love doing business too,love to be more educated in several domains to be equipped for the future because she love money wealth and success

She also throw lites and shout out to all those putting cameroon on the map with all they do,for her their
work is noticeable and efforts will be rewarded…..

She also went as far advising everyone going through hard and difficult times,you are not alone,don’t let social media fool you,people have worries just like you and To every lady building her empire she salute its not easy.

Also,for men who love for real,honest and God fearing look after themselves and work extremely hard to make a good life,she is crushing on you.

Recently on the movie industry,she saw alot of growth and has greatly improved and see it going even further
especially with the collaborations with other african actors , the endless sacrifices, the industry bigger and better years to come.

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