SAD:Barcelona Talisman Sergio Kun Aguero Retires From Football At 33 After Suffering From A Heart Failure Disease

Barcelona striker Sergio kun aguero finally retires from football at the age of 33 after suffering a heart diagnosis disease.The talisman who has spend just close to six months with the catalans(Barcelona) have not has a good spell due to health mishaps that let him to call a quit to football.

Arguero move from Manchester City from a free transfer to join barca suffers pain and dizziness on the pitch during a barcelona match which let to his substitution to seek for medical assistance in which he was given three months leave to regain health fitness but all efforts to get back on the pitch was futile and finally call a quit.He made a farewell emotional speech amongs xavi,Larpota,and Pep Guadorla in a press conference and said.

❝This conference is to let you know that it’s decided to leave the world of football.❞
❝It’s a very hard time, it’s the most difficult decision I’ve made in my life. It’s a health issue, it’s the best decision for me.❞

The doctors told me that the best for me was to stop. I made the decision a week ago.❞
❝I am proud and happy for my career, I have always dreamed of playing football. My dream was to play football. I never thought I would make it to Europe.❞
❝I thank my family who have supported me from the start.❞
❝I also want to thank my teammates who have helped me improve.❞
❝I want to explain to you that I did everything possible to see if there was any hope, but there hasn’t been much.❞
❝I don’t know what awaits me now. I know there’s a lot of people that love me and want the best for me.❞
❝I am leaving with my head held high.❞
❝I wish the best to all my teammates, because the truth is that they are very good teammates and they deserve the best.❞
❝Since I arrived here everyone has treated me very well. I did not experience it elsewhere, they are very big fans, I have noticed it on the street… Young and o

He has a poor stint with barcelona by scoring just one goal after leaving manchester city in may.While in city,he spend ten seasons in the english premier league.He score 260 goals over 390 appearances winning five premier league,six league Cup and one FA Cup.International career with argentina,he scored 41 goals in 101 appearances.

He will be miss in the world of sport!

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