Serial Hitmaker Ko-C Apologizes To His Ex Girl Friend Young Meagan For Toiling With Her Emotions

Serial hitmaker ko-c apologizes to rapper Young Meagan for toiling with her feelings within 48 hours the female rap sensation regretted for dating a public figure because majority of them don’t love one lady.

Thousands of fans saw it as a buzz to the rumor but due to the response from both sides,it’s glaring example that there was an affair as the always say there’s no smoke without fire.

On their social media pages they have to nurture regrets. on Ko-C here the apology

”I Took her for granted and I’am so sorry,she is my best friend,my partner in crime,when its raing,she is my umbrella”.

On Young Meagan

”Dating a public figure is a nightmare… #WeMove It’s a nightmare to date a public character… #Fleme

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