RINYU – THE JOURNEY (From 2015-Till present )

By this time in 2015, in a certain University in Cameroon, she had absolutely no idea what lied ahead of her in the next three years of her life.There’s this saying that “he can use an egg, to break a kernel, just to disgrace a stone” and this is what this young lady’s career should teach each an everyone in any domain.After leaving the university, Rinyu became a teacher (teaching children) and in 2018, her life would see an unspeakable turnaround, where what started like a prank would morph into arguably one of the biggest female singers in the country as it stands!

To elaborate, Rinyu’s journey is proof that with discipline and focus, three years of your life can catapult you to unimaginable heights. She joined Akumba Music in 2018, dropped her first ever single as a mainstream artist the same year.

Looking at her discography and achievements so far, she has done some massive work below five years.

  • An 17-track Album (Black Girl magic ) which is one of the must-streamed around here
  • over 12 singles featuring; Salatiel, Locko, PhillBill, Tenor, Ko-c, Lydol etc. While starring arguably the biggest influencers/names in the entertainment industry like Moustik Karismatik, Stanley Enow, Ulrich Takam, etc
  • Featured in the Afcon theme song sponsored by Bitly alongside top African artists …

Won Best Female singer at the MTNzik Awards in 2022, emerging as brand ambassador for the same brand. A couple of other brand endorsements have been acquired alongside the aforementioned!

  • A trip to Ivory Coast and Dubai, respectively, for concerts. Also performed in some of the biggest concerts in the country!
    Now she’s headed to Canada 🇨🇦 for her first International tour.

She might not be your favorite, but it’s good to acknowledge how much she has grown and matured in the game, given that she didn’t even have any knowledge about the entertainment industry, prior to her entry!

This is an artist with so much potential still unexploited, haven’t signed any major distribution deals either, but still one of the top 10 most-streamed artists in the country.

This post is not to belittle or compare her with any other artist, it’s simply to remind some of us that, once we discover our purpose and find the people who understand the direction, the journey won’t be as difficult as it would be if we didn’t have direction, focus and the right mindset.

Born Ngah Confidence, Rinyu is just getting started with the journey… her second studio album could be an international album, because right now, Cameroon is also ticked as a territory she no longer needs introduction!


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