TAKE NOTE:Here Are Things Artist Libianca And Her Label Need To Pay Attention To ,To Stay Untop 

Having a breakthrough as a musician with so much years of sleepless night,hardwork and commitment is something that thousand upcomers hardly see it come to past. Soulful afro beat Artist Libianca who is enjoying the glories and success derived from her hit single ”PEOPLE” breaking so much boundaries especially coming from africa and cameroon,having this numbers for an upcomer with more than 5 Million streams on Apple Music, more than 6 Million streams on Spotify and over 700.000 videos on TikTok, over 2.5m views on youtube. All this happened in less than two months of its official release is a milestone that will take some time for an upcoming artist to attain.

Also more we saw a handful of establish artist like BUJU,SKALES and DAX jump on the cover to tap grace from the inspirational tune not forgetting some upcoming artist too. With so much recognition already with a broad fanbase here are things her team and label need to do to stay untop and global because we have seen artist disappear and nowhere to be found after having a breakthrough song of ”PEOPLES‘ ‘magnitude and later went missing because of the people around them with no smart move put in place to keep their wave blazing.So here are some key points her label and team need to consider .

Dropping Deep Songs With Same ”PEOPLE” Message.

Libianca is arguably the hottest cameroonian upcoming artist which is on every lip of music lover and she is having that spotlight already.So for her to stay relevant,she needs to continue dropping a deep tune of ”PEOPLE’S”magnitude as many people are anxiously waiting for her next release if its going to surpass ”PEOPLE” because she is widely known already as an artist with songs with deep meaning in which one with struggles and easily resonate and find solace with her lyrics.

Embracing New Platforms And Collaboration

Other artist already reaping the success of ‘‘PEOPLE” through numerous covers both national and international is already a plus and an opportunity of collaboration. So there is no label,events or artist in the world who will not like to collaborate with libianca because she is already an asset so her label should take advantage to knock the door of world superstars like Chris Brown,Drake,Rihanna etc for more exposure

Stay International

LibiancaPEOPLE”was written and recorded in the US couple with the shootoing of the video.Some music lovers only accepts and embrace you when you have been applaud and recognize abroad than your home country of origin,so this should act as a tool for her to do more collaboration more with international artist and few african artist to stay and invite more eyes upon her.

Business and Branding

A music label like Sony Music harboring artist like Libianca,have to take the advantage of her exposure to go for endorsements deals for big comapnies,brands and mechanises that depicts her personality to continue to stay in the minds of her fans.

Competitive Advantages Of Other Artist.

Making use of any trending artist will go ahead to ahead to foster her career to another level as she is a new breed artist with so much to offer.For example African artist like Stanley Enow,Locko,Salatiel,Davido,Burna Boy,Wizkid,Joeboy,Blanche Bailly,Challote Dipanda,Fally Ipupa etc are all making waves in africa and doing song with most of them will help to gain more fans in africa too and embrace other cultures too.

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