Why Fast Forwarding My Career?Comparing Me To Legend Like Pete Edochie Is A Disrespect.Actor Alenne Menget Speaks

Cameroon Popular actor,comedian and business man Alenne Menget who have been in the game of acting close to a decade now comes out to clear the air on the compararism made between him and Nollywood veteran actor Pete Edochie made by a popular blog in the industry called 237showbiz.

According to him,he cannot be compared to an actor,a father and a legend of Pete Edocie’s Calibre because he was aspiring and sees him as his role model who have been in the game since 29 years ago.

All these stems from the facts that a hand full of nollywood actors like Kanayo O Kanayo,Nkem Owoh,Alex Ekubo,Ik ogbona,Belinda Efa Etc has visited and colaborated with our actor to uplift the movie industry.While some congratulates these gesture of some nollywood actor,some sees it as a means to outshine our home based actors.

Che out what veteran actor Alenne Mengets have to say on this comaprism with him and Pete edochie below!

I would have jumped over this post like I do with mere post ill intended. How will one of our top blogs do a comparison between me and the king of African movie Pete Edochi? If I don’t make things straight here, I will either be keeping my fans in doubts of my character as disrespectful or accepting such a disrespectful, scandalous comparison. Is it my gray hair and size fooling you?.. From where I come from, we have respect for elders.
If daddy Pete’s first drama production was done in 1963, then he did that 13 years before I was born. If the daddy Pepe was Okwonko in ice breaker movie ” Things fall apart” by Achebe that brought African cinema to lime light in 1980, I was only 4 years old. If Pete Edochi was born in March 7th 1947 and I born 27th Feb 1976.. then the difference is 29 years (three decades).

This is an icon I have grown to emulate. I am broadcaster because I admired is broadcasting.. I even mimick him in some movie roles just to wait to catch up if I have to stand that competition in 29 years.
If a popular blog like this could build up such a comparison with a bad or good intention or mere disrespect, then I have washed my hands clean to even be thought of in this situation. THERE IS A WAY TO MAKE A BAND WAGON INSULT A PERSON FROM THE WAY YOU PRESENT A PUBLIC POST.But where I come from, we respect elders”.

The Comparism Cover From 237ShowbizBlog

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