New Bell Music remains one of the Strongest independent Record Label in Cameroon .For the past few years we have witness the Continuous Exit of Artistes from the label .Pascal , Shey ,L’or and Tilla left New Bell Music Few Years ago after Acquiring little Fame .One could have taught that Reniss after receiving huge fame too will Quit the label but the Case has been different. Knowing Reasons why she is still at New Bell Music Will also help guide some of the Upcoming Artistes. Reniss is Still at New Bell Music Because

Vision .Few days ago Jovi said he is a Visionary and I think it is the same with Reniss .Reniss is a Visionary .That kind of lady that looks beyond the present. She believes and know the Future is brighter with her being under New Bell Music .Many who left were not visionaries .They did not know that they were moving from relevant to irrelevant .Reniss Saw the vision and knew New Bell Music was and is a Home .No one wants to live home .

Lack of Interest in Fame .When you are on your way to become Great ,you forget about Fame. RENISS Is that kind of Rare breed who is not there to chase clout or Fame.She doesn’t even associate her that Much or wants to be everywhere because she is big . Working with New Bell Music , You must forget about Fame and chase Greatness .Many who left ,did so because they were hungry for fame .The feeling of being in clubs everyday , Chilling and being on News Papers.This Got them.Reniss doesn’t Care about this reason she has been here for years and working her way up to Greatness .

Loyalty .Do you think after Releasing La Sauce and many other Great songs different Record labels didn’t approach her ? They did but she couldn’t leave just because she is loyal and considered New Bell Music as a home .She is loyal and the type that won’t choose money over Family . Many saw what they taught was better deals and left the home just to Go and enter into a house .If you know the difference between a “Home and house” you will understand better.Reniss is still here because her loyalty can’t be bought .It is Priceless .

Working With the Best . When you are working with one of the best Lyricist, Producer and Singer as a boss , What can make you want to leave ? Nothing Right ? You want to stay and get the best of advice and coaching from them.Reniss is still here because she is working with the best and that has made her forget about the Rest .

Hard Work .No Record label in this country can near New Bell Music when it comes to Content . These guys have worked so hard and they release Eps and Albums every year .Jovi is a very hard working and devoted soul .If Reniss was not hard working , they could have parted ways .But she is hard working and seems to take the footsteps of the boss. Hard Work also Kept her here .

Love for the Culture . New Bell Music Stands for the Culture. Everyone here works to showcase Cameroonian Culture . Reniss’s love for Cameroonian Music is unquestionable as it is clearly demonstrated in her Music . She is Original and doing everything to Export Cameroonian Culture. If she never had this much passion and love for our culture , she could have left since to go do something else .

Respect . Reniss is super Respectful .You can’t work with Jovi this long if you are not Respectful .Respect means everything to Jovi and when you start disrespecting him, you can no longer work with him. Reniss being here this long proves just how much she is Respectful .So one big Reason why she is still here is because she is very Respectful .

Satisfied : Reniss is definitely satisfied with what she is getting from New Bell Music . You have never heard her Complain or hear stuff like she had a fight with the boss .She is just satisfied with what she is getting and I guess she couldn’t ask for more .

Grateful.We have lots of Ungrateful people out there .They never recognize or appreciate what you do for them.Reniss is that woman who is grateful for everything that the Mboko God has done for her .Once you are grateful , you have no reasons whatsoever to ask for more or to leave .

Do you think Reniss should continue her career at New Bell Music? Do you think the label has been the perfect label for her ??

Source-Zamani Blog

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