Say ”NO TO DRUG ABUSE”Campaign Serminar By Beri Arts Association Under The Theme |ARTS AGAINST DRUGS.

The first edition of the ”SAY NO TO DRUGS” Campaign under the canopy of The Beri Arts Association which was hosted by Mr Tim was such a great and successful Seminar which trained artists as peer educators on how to use Arts to fight against #drugabuse and help in the sustainable development of their community. The association is overwelmed and happy tremendously to thank everyone who supported the campaign to see the seminar register the great success it did.

A lot was learned as far as #drugabuse is concern. From it’s consumption to the effects and the possible solutions. This presentation was done by Dr. Gilbert Fonmunde (Proprietor of Evergreen Clinic Rail Bonaberi Douala). He gave recent statistics which showed that the consumption of drugs is increasing especially with the youths from ages 20 to 35 years of age. Thus, we need to join efforts to see that we all fight at our different capacities to mitigate it’s effects in our communities. It is on this note that Beri Arts Association organized this seminar so that artists in their various domains will understand and be able to use their arts to fight against Drug Abuse for the sustainable development of our communities.

A lot was also learned on Marketing Purposeful Art which was presented by Madam Veveian Tofoin Bih (a marketer, coach and cooperate executive working with Prudential Beneficial Life Insurance). Marketing strategies were learned alongside aspects like pitching, communication, resilience, branding, quality and more which will help content creators to be able to take their arts to the right market.

Mr-Tim Obed (Humanitarian) gave a summary of Arts in Essence which concluded the first segment of the Seminar. The seminar was a satisfactory one as everything went as planned as participants went back very satisfied with a renewal of mind and a new perspective in Art and community development.

For the seminar, we had great personalities like Lilwise Marshall Naezee Min Eyere Eucharia Ester Agein Mr Melodie-Nji Yong Ndi Asu Chalz Nivo Ti – Artiste Fritz Anote Kongnyuy MrMelodii’s Nation Da Quinzy Biguy Arms Mouangue Joy Toge Jailer Dik Boom Shak Melody ThePsalmist Emmalover Roy Acho Acb King Pope Switzeal Lady Director Bichong O. Brian Nsangbo Chumah Kely Zoe Abdurahaman Vernyuy Joshua Apostol and many more.

This seminar is aimed at enlightening skilled individuals, artists as well as content creators in all domains to be able to use their arts to fight against Drug Abuse and help their community in sustainable development.

This project attends to the UNO’s Sustainable development Goal number three (3) which is GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. It is scheduled for Saturday the 11 TH of November 2023 at BONASSAMA ART formally called SOMEWHERE below Marché Bonassama starting at 12:00noon

It is a free seminar meant to build our community and make it a better place. Thus, everyone is heartily invited. You can contact the number on the flyer for further information and for support of any kind. 

The following topics will be discussed;




The following personalities are guest speakers for our Seminar;

– Gilbert Fonmunde Ndeni Fomnunde (Doctor)

– Veveian Tofoin Bih  (Marketer/Coach)

– Old Pancho Cy international (Influencer/Advocate)

– Mr-Tim Obed    (Host)

– Jordansorell Thekom  (MC)

The seminar was a success which end with the shooting of the video of a “Say No To Drugs” song. The following artists were part of the song: Melody ThePsalmist , Gashu Miya , Kikoh Innocent Sentie  , Asu Chalz  , Aweh Mark Vow , Yong Ndi , Nivo Ti – Artiste , Kamer Chick , Marshall Naezee , Mr Melodie-Nji  and Mr Tim’s Film Works  

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